Factory Direct Omega Constellation Replica Watches


Women are as charming and attractive as the Omega Constellation Replica Watches; flower is feminine and delicate as the woman. Women have the close relationship with the flowers and the flowers have always become the lasting decorative elements. In such a brilliant summer, let's choose a rose watch to match with the colorful summer.

Blending the short-lived beauty with precious time, maybe it is the reason the flower-shaped watches have always been favored by the women: when the untouchable time changes into pieces of the omega constellation replica ladies watch opening on the wrist. As if it can achieve the wish of eternal time and lasting beauty on the wrist.

New Tour Planet Ocean Chrono is a tribute to the female beauty. According to the color of the dial, it can de divided into four colors: Tahitian black mother of pearl, emerald green mother of pearl, white mother of pearl and sky blue mother of pearl. Let's take a look at how to match it can achieve the elegance.

As its name, its design inspiration is from the dream world and charming moonlight. The central small second hand is shaped by the hollow Omega rose logo, giving the watch touching, intoxicating charm.

From the arched case, watch outlines to the arched sapphire crystal glass, they all show the round and soft graceful curves. As if it is the ring decoration of the magnificent jewellery to totally coat the winding crown.

The design inspiration of the mother of pearl dial is from pieces of the clouds and decorated with the beautiful and unique patterns. While the arch hands give off a touch of graceful and gentle temperament.

The top of the crown has the transparent arched decoration which hides a rose- the logo of the Omega in 1950s.

The rose-shaped second hand is located in the center of the diamond hour markers, recalling of the bright moon in the brilliant sky.

Textured watch band has the same unique pattern with the surface to make the design more chic and sophistication. The lug design ensuring the watch security makes the strong contrast to add more charming for the watch.

With the breath of the deep ocean and the different angles, it gives off the colorful lights. Compared to the omega constellation replica on the ground, the flowers on the mother of pearl dial are more romantic and mystery.

The new Omega Planet Ocean Chrono has three sizes to choose from: the case diameter are 26mm, 30mm and 34mm. there are also the stainless steel style or 18ct pink gold style and steel style. besides, the watch is based on the beads design in 1950s to re-created the classic stainless steel strap, satin strap and textured strap.